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Realistic testing spaces

The SCDH’s Living Lab offers a setting for the realistic reproduction, creation, furnishing and testing of spaces. This allows the simulation of working and treatment processes and the testing of products in spaces that come as close as possible to the “real thing”. The testing spaces serve both as a platform for simulation and research and as a showroom for manufacturers.

Patient rooms, hospital corridors, operating theatres, areas for in-home care, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, offices or classrooms: spaces for use in the health or education sectors, in the world of work or in public spaces have to fulfil a wide variety of requirements, and these can sometimes be highly complex. Additional challenges are posed by the inclusion of technologies, such as telemedicine, as an integral component of modern healthcare services, or of new products that have never been used before. With its realistic testing spaces, the SCDH offers a configurable platform for planning, simulation and testing.

Prototype construction allows the rapid construction/conversion of planned rooms and their design and furnishing on a test-basis. Planners can examine the spaces on a 1:1 scale, and test out working and treatment processes and products and technologies in a realistic setting with the participation of all stakeholder groups. Materials can be tested out and the effects of factors like interior design, light, colours, acoustic or haptics can be examined, as can the positioning of technological equipment.

In the areas "Visual Communication”, “Objects and Environment” and “Systems and Processes” we offer professional development opportunities, and provide analysis, consultancy, simulation and co-prototyping – both as a contracted service and in projects financed by funding acquired in competitive procedures.

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