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Testing systems

The testing systems in the SCDH’s Living Lab support the investigation of the effects of factors such as light, colours, acoustics or the feel of surfaces under controlled and reproducible conditions. They also support the verification of accessibility. Test installations are built and outfitted as required for the specific job order or research question.

The SCDH offers an extensive simulation and research platform equipped with testing systems capable of examining a wide range of aspects: from the readability or accessibility of a signage system to the influence of different light sources, on through to the effect of a particular colour or a particular surface. Control rooms with cameras, a motion-capture system and eye-tracking systems enable the measurement and observation of users’ experiences in each specific test situation.

In the areas "Visual Communication”, “Objects and Environment” and “Systems and Processes” we offer professional development opportunities, and provide analysis, consultancy, simulation and co-prototyping – both as a contracted service and in projects financed by funding acquired in competitive procedures.

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