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Materials collection

The SCDH is currently building up a physical and digital collection of materials. The aim is to create an index of materials determined on the basis of scientific evidence to promote health and conserve resources. The SCDH’s intent here is to provide planners, designers and architects with a tool that will facilitate the selection of appropriate materials and deliver in-depth information about the materials and their use.

The SCDH is developing a materials collection. The objective: to compile a curated but extensive selection of materials known to promote health. The classification of materials is grounded in the results of evidence-based research. Thanks to a practical and lucid presentation of information, the materials collection will facilitate the selection of appropriate materials by providing detailed information about the indexed materials, their uses and their composition.

In the areas "Visual Communication”, “Objects and Environment” and “Systems and Processes” we offer professional development opportunities, and provide analysis, consultancy, simulation and co-prototyping – both as a contracted service and in projects financed by funding acquired in competitive procedures.

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