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The SCDH’s workshops are situated right next to the Living Lab. They include a professional wood and metal shop as well as an open space which is used mainly for work with plastic, textiles or digital printing. The workshops assist with forming the other platforms, support the provision of the SCDH’s services and research projects and make co-prototyping possible.

The SCDH’s workshops extend over an area of about 1000m2, this encompasses a professional wood and metal shop, with a carpentry station, vacuum press, extraction system, metal-working station and production-mechanics station. The workshops are what makes setting up the Living Lab possible, forming the platforms and outfitting simulations according to the needs of the customer or research project, and is instrumental in the SCDH’s co-prototyping and rapid prototyping activities. The workshops also include systems for making models, processing textiles, sign making, 3D printing, CNC milling, robotics and digital processing.

The open space area is equipped with model making machines, domestic sewing machines, manual devices and various crafts materials. It can be rented and used by external parties.

In the areas "Visual Communication”, “Objects and Environment” and “Systems and Processes” we offer professional development opportunities, and provide analysis, consultancy, simulation and co-prototyping – both as a contracted service and in projects financed by funding acquired in competitive procedures.

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