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Extended-Reality Simulation Area

The Extended-Reality Simulation Area in the SCDH’s Living Lab is the largest facility of its kind in Switzerland. In it, floor plans can be projected on a 1:1 scale and supplemented with lightweight construction walls and furnishings. Thus, planned spaces become three-dimensional – floor plans become rooms that people can walk through and experience. At simulation workshops, stakeholder groups can gather to jointly test and optimise the planned spaces. 

A multiplicity of stakeholder groups places high demands on construction projects in the health and education systems as well as on projects in public spaces. The SCDH offers a planning and simulation platform with its Extended-Reality Simulation Area, Switzerland’s largest XR simulation facility.

Floor plans covering areas of up to 560 m2 can be projected onto the simulation area in their original size and supplemented with lightweight construction walls, mock-ups and real furnishings appropriate to the planned use. This and the use of augmented reality technology makes it possible for people to experience the planned spaces. This means that planners and future users can jointly test out the planned processes and spaces on a 1:1 scale during the SCDH’s simulation workshops. The engagement of all stakeholder groups in the planning process leads to greater acceptance of the planned spaces. Simulation workshops enable planning errors to be identified and avoided at an early stage in a project. The workshops guarantee greater planning reliability and can contribute to cost savings.

In the areas "Visual Communication”, “Objects and Environment” and “Systems and Processes” we offer professional development opportunities, and provide analysis, consultancy, simulation and co-prototyping – both as a contracted service and in projects financed by funding acquired in competitive procedures.

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