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Symposium 2024 public keynotes

Symposium 2024 public keynotes

Building trust: designing for remote care

8 July 2024

How can we design the experience of remote care to build trust between users and improve the quality of care?

On Monday, 8 July, the Swiss Centre for Design and Health will open its doors to interested scientific collaborators, researchers and students. Join us for three inspiring keynotes focusing on different aspects at the intersection of technology, environment and human factors. The keynotes will be held by international experts in digital transformation, remote care and design for human experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SCDH and exchange with you. Please register by 1 July using the registration form.



9 am: Doors open 

9.30 am: Opening remarks, Stefan Sulzer, Managing Director SCDH

9.45 am: Introduction, Dr. Nirit Pilosof

10 am: “Healthcare design in an era of digital transformation”, Dr. Nirit Pilosof

10.30 am: “Addressing digital inequalities: designing with care”, Prof. Dr. Paola Pierri

11 am: Coffee break

11.30 am: “Telemedicine and built environments: Where we were and where we are going”, Dr. Ellen Taylor

12 am: Plenary discussion

12.30 am: Closing remarks 

12.35 am: Lunch


Please register by filling in the form below.